How To Cut A Foam Mattress Thinner – Best Steps 2023

Sometimes we need to cut our mattress thinner. Due to different reasons, people often need to downsize their mattress. Maybe you are moving and your new place has a smaller bed frame. So, how to cut a foam mattress thinner?

It doesn’t even matter what the purpose is. The person who has enough patience and knowledge about this can do it. If you don’t have any idea, don’t worry because we will give some tips for you.

In this content, I’m going to describe to you the tactics that I personally use and you can get a quality result. So, let’s get started!

5 Reasons To Cut A Foam Mattress Thinner

5 Reasons To Cut A Foam Mattress Thinner

Whatever we do in our lives, we always have reasons or motivation behind it. When it comes to cutting a foam mattress, there are reasons why you might want to make it thinner. Here are some of those reasons:

(i) You might want to make the mattress thinner because you find it too thick and want to make it more comfortable.

(ii) Maybe you should consider getting a smaller mattress to free up space in your room or apartment.

(iii) If you want to transport the mattress around or relocate it, make it thinner.

(iv) If you need to, cut the mattress so that it will fit your bed frame or piece of furniture.

(v) Sometimes we need to make the mattress thinner so that we can use it for other purposes. Such as an exercise mat or a play mat for your kids.

It’s not over! If any single reason above motivates you, then go ahead and cut that foam mattress thinner! Just make sure to measure twice and cut once.

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What Is The Easiest Way To Cut Thick Foam?

Your sleeping experience can be a nightmare; if your mattress is too thick and heavy. You may feel like you are being swallowed up by your mattress. Most people that experience this will toss and turn all night. The frustration of not being able to sleep can lead to restless nights and even insomnia.

Are you trying to find a comfortable position? You wouldn’t get it till you resize it. The process is really easy and it can take up only 30 minutes. Here is the most easiest way to cut thick foam: 

Let’s see which things to collect you


  • (i)  A saw
  • (ii) Measuring tape
  • (iii) A cutting board
  • (iv) A straight edge
  • (v) A spray bottle 
  • (vi) Water 
  • (vii) Fabric scissors (optional) 

Now it’s time to cut your disgusting mattress. You can follow any method that you like most. 

Method Name: The Grid Method 

Grid Method

Step 01:  Decide how much you want to cut off the mattress. 

If the mattress is 10 inches thick and you want it to be 8 inches thick, you will need to remove 2 inches from the mattress. You should also account for the thickness of the saw blade. 

Step 02:  Measure and mark the mattress. 

Use a measuring tape and a straightedge to mark the lines where you will be cutting the mattress. Make sure that the lines are straight and even. 

Step 03:  Cut along the lines. 

Use a saw to cut along the lines that you marked in step 2. Be sure to cut slowly and evenly. 

Step 04:  Repeat steps. 

You have to repeat steps 2-4 until you have removed the desired amount of foam from the mattress. 

Method Name: 2. The Slab Method

Slab Method

It’s an alternative method. If you fail to do it by grid method, you can go for this one. 

Step 01:  Fix the cutting board to the mattress. 

Use a spray bottle to dampen the area where the cutting board will be placed. This will help to prevent the cutting board from slipping. 

Step 02:  Measure and mark the mattress. 

Try to Use a measuring tape. In addition, you should use a straight edge to mark the lines where you will be cutting the mattress. Make sure that the lines are straight and even. 

Step 03:  Make a V-shaped cut along the lines.

Make a notch with your saw to cut along the lines you drew in step 2. Make sure you cut slowly and evenly.

Step 04:  Remove the cutting board. 

Carefully remove the cutting board from the mattress. You should wear gloves to protect your hands from the sharp edges of the foam. 

Step 05:  Repeat steps. 

Now, it’s time to repeat steps 2-5 until you have removed the desired amount of foam from the mattress. 

So, Guys, you can try any of these two methods. Hope, both of these methods will work for you. If not, let me know.

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Is It Worth It To Cut A Mattress Thinner?

It depends on your cutting skill. It can be worth it or worse. The process of cutting a mattress is not as easy as it seems. If you don’t have the right tools and knowledge, you might end up ruining the mattress. Besides, it voids the warranty. 

However, if you know what you’re doing and you have the right tools, then cutting a mattress can save you a lot of money. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars in a repair shop. 

“Learning is the beginning of wealth.” So, it is worth learning how to cut a mattress. Cutting a mattress will also give you the opportunity to customize it. You can make it thinner or add more layers depending on your needs. 

This way, you can have the perfect mattress for your sleeping comfort. Just make sure that you won’t damage it. Two advice for you: 

1) Don’t cut more than necessary. 

2) Do a trial cut on an old mattress before cutting your new one.

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Should A Side Sleeper Cut A Mattress Thinner?

Should A Side Sleeper Cut A Mattress Thinner?

A side sleeper should not Cut A Foam Mattress Thinner. A side sleeper needs a mattress that is firm to provide support for the hips and shoulders. A thin mattress will not provide the necessary support. It could cause pain in the hips and shoulders. 

What If a side sleeper is experiencing pain because he cut his mattress? If a side sleeper is experiencing pain in the hips or shoulders, they should consult a doctor or physical therapist. A therapist can determine if a thinner mattress is the cause of the pain. Make recommendations accordingly. 

Now, you may ask, firmness is relative. How can I know if my mattress is firm enough? Well, you could go to a mattress store and test out different mattresses. But that’s not always practical or possible. 

What’s more?

Another way is to measure the thickness of your mattress. If it’s less than six inches thick, it’s probably too thin. 

Any suggestions? Keep in mind that not all side sleepers need a firm mattress. If you don’t have any pain in your hips or shoulders, and you’re comfortable on your current mattress. There’s no need to switch to a firmer one. It’s really a matter of personal preference. So, experiment until you find what works best for you.

Can A Thinner Mattress Look Weird?

If you have less experience, then it’s not impossible to make a mistake when choosing the thickness of your mattress. A too thin mattress might look odd, and it may not be comfortable to sleep on. 

On the other hand, a too thick mattress can be –

  • Difficult to move around. 
  • It may make your bedroom look cluttered. 

So, It’s important to find a happy medium when it comes to the thickness of your mattress.

Sometimes, we need to resize or cut our mattress. Due to lack of experience, we make it weird. 

Then we said to ourselves, ” Alas! I didn’t practice this”. 

It’s late to repent. So, we should be careful from the beginning. It will save our time as well as money. We should know about every step of cutting or resizing a mattress. 

If we follow some tips, then it will become easy for us to resize or cut our mattress without making any mistake.



As a beginner it’s easy to destroy our mattress easily. We have almost mentioned how you can cut the foam mattress. But, if you know some tips & tricks then this journey will be comfortable for you. 

Let’s know some PRO Tips from our experts: 

1) You should maintain the right posture while cutting the mattress. Because, it will give you a clear and neater cut.

2) Try to use an electric knife for getting a precise and cleaner cut. It will also help you to work faster.

3) If you are working with a difficult or tight space, then you can use a saw instead of a knife. It will give you a better result.

4) Always use a sharp blade for cutting the mattress. Because, it will help you to get a clean and neat cut.

5) After cutting the mattress, always seal the edges with tape. It will help to prevent the foam from crumbling.

6)  If you want to make your mattress thinner, then you can remove the top layer of foam. But, be very careful while removing the foam, otherwise you will damage the mattress.

7) You can also use a hot wire cutter for cutting the foam mattress. But, it is a bit difficult to handle. So, it is better to use it under the guidance of an expert.

8) Always wear gloves while working with foam. Because, it will protect your hands from getting cuts.

These 8 PRO tips make your mattress thinner without any damage. So, follow these tips and enjoy your comfortable sleep.

Final Word.

Finally, I want to say that there are a few different ways that you can Cut A Foam Mattress Thinner. You can use a sharp knife OR an electric carving knife. This can save your time. 

If you are afraid and less experienced, you can use a straightedge and a sharp knife to make perfect, clean cuts. I would recommend using an electric carving knife. 

If you don’t want to take risks then hire a professional. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Thank You.

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