How To Move A Memory Foam Mattress

Moving a memory foam mattress may seem complicated, but don’t worry! We’re here to make it easy. Memory foam beds are all about comfort, and we’ll talk about how to move them easily.

Have you ever considered moving a memory foam mattress without making an issue?

 Well, you’re in the right spot. This guide will discuss how to move memory foam, gel memory foam mattresses. We also discuss how to move mattress covers made of memory foam.

We get that your bed is your place of comfort. So, we put together this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide.

When you’re done reading, you’ll be an expert mover who can move a memory foam mattress or topper.

 In this case, I will tell you how to move or carry a memory foam mattress. So, without further talk, let’s get started. 

Steps to Move A Memory Foam Mattress

Moving a memory foam mattress is a hard job. These steps will help you get your mattress to its new home in perfect shape. So, let’s discuss how to move a memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

1. Remove Bedding

Before moving, you must take everything off your memory foam mattress first. This includes pillows, blankets, sheets, and any other extras. It’s essential to start with a clean bed to stop dust, dirt, or moisture from getting into the foam. During the move, it could cause damage or mold growth. Always keep in mind that a clean mattress is a happy mattress.

2. Slip Inside a Bag

It would help to put your memory foam mattress in a unique bag or cover it with the material when moving. These bags keep the mattress from getting damaged, stained, or wet. The bag protects your mattress and the outside world, keeping it clean and dry during the journey.

3. Seal It

After putting your mattress in the bag or cover to protect it, seal it well. 

This step is very important because it keeps dust and other unwanted things. Make sure there are no holes or broken parts. The best way to keep a mattress in good shape is to ensure it is well-covered.

4. Vacuum Mattress

Vacuum Mattress

 Before you proceed further, take a moment to vacuum the mattress inside the bag. This extra step ensures no dirt or germs are left inside. A clean mattress that doesn’t have allergens is healthy and less likely to get smelly during a move.

5. Roll the Mattress

Now comes the part where you prepare the mattress for transport. Roll the mattress from one end to the other instead of folding it, which could damage the foam layers. Rolling spreads the stress across the surface and reduces the chance of creases. If your mattress is on the larger side, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a friend to ensure a smooth roll.

6. Secure It

Now that you’ve rolled up your mattress, it’s time to keep it safe for the trip. Use straps or ropes that are strong to keep it rolled up.

It keeps it from unrolling and is small and easy to handle during transport. Ensure the straps are tight but not too close because you want to avoid damaging the foam by pulling it too hard.

7. Place the Mattress Where You Want

Unroll the mattress onto your bed frame or base when you reach your new place. Memory foam mattresses can be heavy, so take your time and be cautious when handling them. Once unrolled, allow the bed some time to regain its original shape. This process, known as “decompression,” can take a few hours or up to a day.

How to Move a Gel Memory Foam Mattress

When moving, a gel memory foam mattress resembles a regular memory foam mattress. But you have to be extra careful because the gel parts are soft. Here’s a simple guide to help you do it right:

How to Move a Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  1. Before you start, ensure your gel memory foam mattress is clean and free of any bedding or stuff on top.
  2. Use a unique bag or plastic cover to wrap your mattress. It helps protect it from dust, dirt, and damage during the move.
  3. Make sure the bag or cover is closed well. It keeps any junk from getting inside while you’re moving it.
  4. Gel memory foam beds are fragile, so be careful when moving them. Don’t fold it or bend it too much; roll it up instead.
  5. Be careful with the gel parts inside the mattress. Please keep it away from extreme heat or cold, which can mess with the gel. Try to keep it at a temperature that is comfortable while moving.

Following these easy steps, you can move your gel memory foam mattress without any worries. You can enjoy its comfort when you’re settled in your new home.

Is It Too Difficult To Roll A Mattress?

Rolling and folding both are similar. Some find it difficult to fold a mattress but rolling is quite easy. First, lay the mattress on the floor then start from one end and roll towards the other tightly. Once you reach the other end, tuck in the loose end of the fabric, and voila! Your rolled mattress is ready. But, Is it as simple as it sounds? 

Some mattresses are quite heavy and thick. So it might be difficult for a single person to roll it. If you have an extra set of hands, then it would be easy. But, if not then there are other ways as well. You can try to use a moving blanket or a large sheet to help you in rolling the mattress. Before rolling a mattress a beginner should remember two things: 

1) First, make sure that the area where you are going to roll the mattress is clean and clear of any obstacles. This will help to avoid any accidents. 

2) Second, remember to use something to protect the floor. A moving blanket or a large sheet will help to keep the floor clean.

If you are afraid to do it,  then you can get help from professional mattress delivery services. They will make it to your doorstep without any hassle.

How To Move A Tempurpedic Memory Foam?

You know that “Tempurpedic Mattress” is sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures. So, before you move your Tempurpedic memory foam mattress, make sure the new location is ideal for it. 

Moving a Tempurpedic Mattress is not too easy but not too difficult. Any person can carry and move it without any problem. But, if you have back pain or spinal issues, it is better to get some help from friends or family.

After a lot of research,  we have found some easy and best steps on How To Move A Tempurpedic Memory Foam Mattress. Let’s have a look: 

Step 01: Find an Ideal Location

The first step is finding an ideal location for your favorite mattress. Don’t select a place that is too moist or too dirty. Also, make sure the new spot is clean and not too hot. 

Step 02: Prepare the Mattress

Now it’s time to prepare your memory foam mattress for the move. For this, you need to remove all the bedding materials like sheets, blankets, and pillow covers.

Step 03:  Roll the Mattress

After that, take the mattress and start rolling it from one end to another. Try to make it as tight as possible. Don’t create too much pressure. 

Step 04: Lift the Mattress

Now it’s time to lift the mattress. Start by slowly lifting one end of the rolled mattress.. Get some help from your friend or family member if needed.

Step 05: Place the Mattress where you want.

After lifting, slowly place the mattress where you want in your new home. You can also place it on the floor if you don’t have enough space. 

These 5 steps can save you time. You can easily move your Tempurpedic memory foam mattress without damaging it.

Final Word

Actually, it’s not a difficult task. Anyone can do it. But, of course, there is a certain procedure that should be followed in order not to damage your mattress. I have already mentioned the procedure. Must follow and learn the procedure first. 

Don’t do it when you are in a hurry. You will only make things worse. The process of moving a memory foam mattress is not as easy as you think. But if you take your time and follow the steps, you will be able to do it without any problems. You can also get help from a professional and their charge is not too much for it. Thanks for your attention.

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