What Size Is A Crib Mattress

Choosing the right crib mattress is a crucial decision for every parent. This guide will discuss crib mattress size and How To Choose The Right Crib Mattress.

Crib beds are made to give babies a safe, cozy place to sleep. The size of the mattress is the most important thing. We’ll explore Standard, small, and shaped crib mattress sizes to help you choose the right crib.

We’ll also give you a crib mattress size chart to find the right one. If you choose the right mattress size, it will fit well. It reduces the chance of an accident and helps you sleep better. There will also be a close look at safety and comfort factors. 

By the end of this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to choose the best crib mattress. Let’s get started.

What type of size of a crib mattress?

There are different sizes of baby beds to fit different kinds of cribs. Getting the right size is important for your baby’s safety and comfort. Here are the main (three) crib mattress sizes:

What type of size of a crib mattress

1. Standard Crib Mattress Size

The standard crib mattress size is 27 1/4 inches x 51 1/4 inches. This is the most usual size, and Standard beds fit it. It gives your baby enough room to sleep in comfort.

2. Mini Crib Mattress Size

The mini crib mattress size is 24 inches in width and 38 inches in length (24″ x 38″). 

3. Shaped Crib Mattress Size

Shaped cribs are unique and come in various shapes and sizes. So, there isn’t a standard measurement for shaped crib mattresses. You’ll need to measure the crib and look for a bed that fits those numbers.

Remember selecting the correct mattress size is the first step. It gives your baby a safe and comfortable place to sleep

Crib Mattress Size Chart

This chart shows the most popular types of crib mattress sizes. Standard cribs can fit a 27 1/4 inches wide mattress and 51 1/4 inches long. Mini cribs, designed for smaller spaces, must have 24 inches wide and 38 inches long beds. Shaped cribs come in various unique shapes and sizes. So, the mattress dimensions will vary depending on the specific crib design.

Crib TypeMattress Size
Standard Crib27 1/4 inches x 51 1/4 inches
Mini Crib24 inches x 38 inches
Shaped CribVaries

How To Choose The Right Crib Mattress Size?

Here, we discuss about three sizes of crib mattresses to Choose

Standard Crib Mattress Size

Standard Crib Mattress Size

The standard crib mattress size measures 27 1/4 inches in width and 51 1/4 inches in length (27 1/4″ x 51 1/4″). It is the most popular and usual size for standard beds

Standard cribs are spacious, providing ample room for your baby to sleep, play, and grow. The mattress fits within the crib frame, leaving little to no gaps along the edges.

When picking a standard baby mattress, ensure it fits your standard bed’s size. It’s essential to have a bed that works well so there aren’t any dangerous gaps that could be a safety risk.

Mini Crib Mattress Size

Mini Crib Mattress Size

Mini cribs are made for places with less space, such as homes or childcare, when you need to move and need a crib.

The mini crib mattress size is 24 inches in width and 38 inches in length (24″ x 38″). It is smaller than a standard crib mattress, catering to the compact design of mini cribs.

To choose the proper mini-baby comfort, you must take the correct mini-crib measurements. Mini cribs come in different sizes from different companies. So it’s essential for fits.

Shaped Crib Mattress Size

Shaped Crib Mattress Size

Shaped cribs are unique and come in various shapes and sizes, such as oval, round, or heart-shaped cribs. Because shaped baby mattresses have different forms, there needs to be a standard size.

When choosing a mattress for a shaped crib, you’ll need to know the exact measurements of the crib. Some crib makers offer beds that fit the shape of their cribs.

The key to choosing the right mattress for a shaped crib is precision. The bed should fit within the crib, leaving no gaps that could pose a safety risk.

What Factors to Consider when Buying a Crib Mattress

When you’re picking a crib mattress for your baby, there are five big things to think about Firmness, thickness, durability, breathability, and cost.

 Crib Mattress

1. Firmness

A crib mattress should be solid and not too soft. Why? Well, babies need a firm surface to sleep on. It helps them stay safe and comfortable. When you press your hand on the mattress, it should feel solid, like a good, strong wall. This way, your baby’s face won’t sink into the mattress, and they can breathe even if they move around in their sleep.

2. Thickness

The thickness is like how thick your favorite blanket is. Thicker mattresses can be super comfy and last a long time. But here’s the thing: some cribs have sides like fences. If the mattress is too thick, your baby might have difficulty seeing over the wall when they’re big enough to stand. It’s a good idea to check that the mattress thickness fits right for your crib.

3. Durability

“Durability” is how long your toys last when you often play with them. A durable crib mattress stays firm and comfy even when your baby plays and sleeps on it. You want a mattress made from good stuff, like strong springs or sturdy foam. Also, look for one with harsh edges so it doesn’t get all squishy over time. A waterproof mattress cover can help keep it clean and last even longer.

4. Breathability

“Breathability” is a bit like having tiny windows in your mattress. A breathable mattress lets air flow through it, which is super important. Why? If your baby turns over and their face is against the bed, they can still breathe because of the tiny holes. It’s like having little air tunnels to keep them safe. So, ensure the mattress cover and the mattress itself let air pass through nicely.

5. Cost

Last but not least, there’s the “cost.” Cost is like how much money you need to spend. You see, crib mattresses come in different prices. Some are reasonable, and some are more expensive. Considering your budget and finding a good mattress for your baby and your wallet is a good idea. Remember, a safe and comfy bed doesn’t have to be super expensive. You can find one that’s right.


In conclusion, you are selecting the right crib mattress for your baby. It impacts their safety, comfort, and overall well-being. When you think about hardness, thickness, cost, and longevity. You can make an informed choice that sets the stage for peaceful nights and healthy growth.

Remember that your baby will sleep better on a hard mattress. It is the correct width to ease and make it easy to get in and out of the crib. The bed will stand the test of time and provide long-lasting comfort.

Choosing a sleeper that lets air in keeps your baby safe while sleeping. If you can find a mattress that fits your price, you know you’re making a good investment.

The mattress in your baby’s crib isn’t a piece of clothing; it’s a base for their first years of rest and growth. By considering these factors, you provide them with a safe and comfortable place to sleep. 

So, you can be sure that you’ve made a good choice. Here are some things that will help your little one sleep well and laugh.

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