Is It Safe to Sleep on Memory Foam – Helpful Guide 2023

Memory foam is a synthetic material that’s often used in mattresses and pillows. Its popularity is increasing day by day. But, Is it safe to sleep on memory foam?

This question is well-reasoned and makes sense. The answer is it depends on the materials. Green materials like plant-based memory foam, certified organic cotton, and wool can be considered safe. But conventional memory foams contain high levels of volatile organic compounds.

Are you decided to buy a memory foam mattress? Wait a little bit. In this context, I’ll be going to reveal the truth about whether is it safe to sleep on memory foam.

So, without further due, let’s get started!

Does Memory Foam Contain Toxic Chemicals?

Is It Safe to Sleep on Memory Foam - Helpful Guide 2023

Do you know – is memory foam contain toxic? The truth is a danger than emotion. It’s really hard to be heard that restore memory foam contains several toxic elements. Some cheap memory foam contains formaldehyde and benzene. These elements are risky for health or may cause this memory foam health risks. Sometimes memory foam contains chemicals that is harmful for health.

Did you hear ever like this? It’s solid true. Due to low budgets, many producers use these elements to cut their costs. Formaldehyde and benzene are known as a carcinogen. It causes cancer and other diseases.

Sometimes, we had to choose a low-budget mattress. For this reason, we may have to consider a low-quality mattress. But did you ever think it can make us sick?

The total cost can be equal or high. Being budget-friendly doesn’t mean that you are WIN THE GAME. It can be also GAME OVER. No doubt, the best way to avoid these toxic elements is to buy a high-quality memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Components: What Are the Components?

Due to a lack of component knowledge, many people are unaware of the elements of memory foam mattresses. The components of a memory foam mattress are a big issue. You can make a big mistake at the starting point.

For a beginner or newbie, it’s really important to be aware of the component. Especially, for the bachelor, students, and new job holders.

In this section, I’ll discuss both memory foam toxic and safe materials. I’ll discuss it in two portions.

Let’s start with the “Safe Materials”.

1. Diisocyanatos

Diisocyanates are common ingredients in memory foam mattresses. This chemical is used to make the foam more flexible and durable. It can be 99% safe. You can purchase a mattress which is containing up to 0.5% of this chemical.

2. Polyurethanes

It is a type of foam that is chemically bound together using polyurethanes. This material is used to make the mattress firm and bouncy. Moreover, it is safe and non-toxic.

3. Plant Oil Polyols

This ingredient is derived from plants. Such as soybeans, corn, and coconut. It is used to make the foam more breathable. Also, it’s safer and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. Must be careful to find 100% plant oil polyol.

Now, let’s talk about the harmful material of memory foam mattresses (memory foam toxicity).

1. Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical that is used as an adhesive to bond the foam layers together. Therefore, it can cause some health issues. Such as allergies, irritation in the eyes and throat, dizziness, and breathing difficulty.

2. Flame Retardants:

The purpose of this material in foam mattresses is to reduce the risk of fire. But, it can cause some health problems. Such as cancer and other serious illnesses. Therefore, try to avoid flame retardants when purchasing a mattress.

3. Antimony Trioxide:

Chemicals are one fire-retardant material. But, it can affect your health and cause cancer. So, try to avoid this material in a mattress.

By understanding the components, you can choose the safest and most comfortable one for you. So always check the materials before purchasing a mattress.

What Are The Side Effects of Sleeping on Memory Foam?

Is It Safe to Sleep on Memory Foam - Helpful Guide 2023

I’ve already mentioned that memory foam can be risky for your health because of its low materials. Otherwise, there are not any major issues.

Without the material issue, some people may experience a few minor side effects. Though these issues are rare but shouldn’t neglect them. Let’s talk about some of the possible side effects:

1) Heat Retention:

The very first issue with crib mattress clean is heat retention. The material of foam can trap body heat. Thus, it can make you feel uncomfortable, especially during the summer season. Your sleepiness won’t be as refreshing as it could be when you stay in a cooler environment.

2) Difficulty Moving:

Due to the fact that memory foam molds your body. It can be challenging to get out of bed. If you like to move around a lot when you sleep, it may be hard to sleep on a memory foam mattress.

3) Allergies:

The last but not least issue is allergies. In some cases, people may experience allergic reactions to the material. So, if you are highly allergic to chemicals, it’s best to avoid using them.

Overall, memory foam can be beneficial. If you can consider those side effects and buy a quality product. You can enjoy its benefits without any risks or issues.

Is Memory Foam Bad for your Health

Do you know-can memory foam cause health problems? Never heard of it before! The foam may have a slight unpleasant scent for a few hours after you open the packaging due to the manufacturing process. You can proceed after that, though. I would have imagined that the majority of people would benefit from this kind of mattress because it softly supports each area of the body.

Without my memory foam topper, which effectively relieves my back pain, I could not sleep. I personally would recommend an elderly woman who appreciates comfort, but I am not an expert.

How to Choose A Safe Memory Foam Mattress?

Look before you leap. Never judge a mattress just see its design. It’s a common and usual issue for beginners, bachelor’s, and students. Maximum people are unaware of the quality parameters. That’s why they often get cheated by companies. So, it is important to find out the composition of foam before buying a mattress.

I would purchase a mattress created in a natural setting rather than a chemical factory. Avoid using harmful flame retardants and polyurethane foam since they degrade quickly and poison you while you sleep.

The following is your shopping list for mattresses

  1. Is it programmable?
  2. Are you able to regulate your own comfort?
  3. Does it have a plastic air bladder or box? If so, I would stay away from that because it emits plastic odors and air bladders can grow mold there because it’s a dark, moist environment.
  4. Does it have a heated bed? Cool gel and memory foam are not breathable.
  5. Is it artificial? pretending to be natural but actually being mixed.
  6. Are all of the mattress’s components organically sourced?
  7. How long will it endure in reality? Do they have evidence that it endured decades? We do!
  8. If rolled over, is it difficult, like with memory foam?
  9. Do you notice how your partner moves in bed, much like coil mattresses do?
  10. Avoid pocketed coils since they can become tangled and feel lumpy.
  11. Does the mattress allow you to later swap the layers and alter the feel yourself?
  12. Is it made with chemical flame retardants? Flame retardants like chlorinated tris, which can impair IQ by five points, are known to cause cancer, interfere with hormones, and be neurotoxic.
  13. If you ever move, will you need to pay movers to transport the bed?
  14. Can they ship it to you and is it on sale?

As an expert in this field, I’ve listed a few parameters. These criteria make your decision more worthy and beneficial. So, what are they?

Let’s check one by one-

(i) Is it certified low-VOC foam?

In general, Low-VOC foams are healthy and safe. They are certified by approved institutes and organizations. No matter where you’re buying the mattress, checking its low-VOC foam certification is a must. Ask for the certifications from the seller. Make sure that it is genuine.

(ii) Is it free of CFCs?

CFCs means Chlorofluorocarbons. It’s a chemical compound that causes several health issues. If a mattress is labeled as CFC-free make sure it’s not blended with any other chemical. If you are not in a science background, then prefer the expert recommendation.

(iii) Is it hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant?

For allergic people, it can be a nightmare FOR YOU. Due to the wrong mattress, they can suffer from asthma, allergies, and rashes. So, it’s no less than a necessity to get a hypoallergenic memory foam mattress. It should also be resistant to dust mites and other bacteria.

(iv) Is it breathable?

Side sleepers require a little extra support. The mattress should be breathable. Thus, the air can circulate and release body heat. This makes it comfortable to sleep in. If a mattress has poor breathability, then it will become hot and sweaty while sleeping.

These are the important criteria that you should consider. Again, don’t judge a mattress just see that outlook. Investigate thoroughly before investing your hard-earned money.

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)

What Happens If You Sleep on A Memory Foam Mattress for 24 Hours?

The sellers and experts recommend not use before expansion properly.  You should wait at least 12 hours. Otherwise, you may experience some discomfort. To get maximum adjustability, it is important to wait. During that time, the mattress will fully expand.

Is foam toxic to humans?

Actually No. But, quality matters. If the quality of foam is not up to standard, it can be hazardous. It is important to check the materials used in the product. Generally, foam is made of polyurethane or other petroleum-based products. When these materials are of good quality, they are safe for hu About Is It Safe to Sleep on Memory Foam.

Is It Safe to Sleep on Memory Foam?

Are memory foam mattresses safe or is it safe to use memory foam. Despite being a widespread fallacy, studies have demonstrated that memory foam does not cause cancer or other health problems. Frequently, the chemical scent occurs with memory foam.

Final Word About Sleep on Memory Foam

Safety First. Never compromise the quality, integrity, and safety of your sleeping surface. Without the materials issue, memory foam is safe. It is also a comfortable experience. I recommend not purchasing a full-foam mattress. Try 3 layered mattresses. It can be better for spinal alignment and pressure relief.

So, my readers, now we are in the very last stage of the content. If you want to know more details feel free to know me. You can send us an email and comment below the post. Thanks for your great interest.

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