Reasons Memory Foam Mattress so Flat [New 9 Basic Facts]

So, you’ve found our extensive information on memory foam mattresses. now the question is why memory foam mattress so flat or may lose their initial form over time. Here at, we know how vital a good night’s sleep is and the part a high-quality mattress plays in that. 

This article will examine the potential causes of a flattening memory foam mattress. They also provide helpful advice for resolving the problem. In that case, let’s dig in and learn how to get back the support and comfort your mattress used to provide you.

Now I’ll tell you everything about memory foam: the essentials.

Memory Foam: What You Need to Know

Memory Foam: What You Need to Know

To grasp the causes of a flat memory foam mattress, it is necessary first to comprehend what memory foam is. Then you need to know how it operates. 

Memory foam, a special polyurethane foam, softens and shapes the body. It also disperses weight when it’s heated or compressed. Cushioning astronauts during space flight was the original purpose for which it was designed (topper) lasting

As a result of their capacity to reduce stress in sensitive areas and provide exceptional support, memory foam mattresses have exploded in popularity in recent years.

Here I will talk about the 9 Possible Causes of a Flat Memory Foam Mattress.

Why Memory Foam Mattress Might Be Flat (9 Reasons)

Why Memory Foam Mattress Might Be Flat (9 Reasons)

There are a few potential causes for a flat or expanding memory foam mattress

Among the most frequent reasons are as follows:

Reason 1: Natural Settling

The natural settling of a memory foam mattress is a typical cause of its losing its form. At first glance, your new mattress can seem whole and well-formed. Even so, the foam cells compress and mould to the shape of the sleeper’s body and temperature over time. It’s normal for a mattress to lose part of its loft due to settling.

Mattresses tend to settle over time, so rotating it often might help. To avoid weight dispersion and premature wear, turn it from head to toe and rotate it 180 degrees. You can extend the life of your memory foam mattress and recover some of its forms by following this easy care plan.

Reason 2: Overuse and Wear

Over time, a memory foam mattress will degrade like any other kind of mattress. When the foam loses its elasticity, it might droop or flatten out. Some variables that may exacerbate this problem include the following;

  • User’s weight, 
  • The frequency of usage, and 
  • The quality of the mattress.

It is very important to invest in a high-quality memory foam mattress from a trusted manufacturer. As it protects against excessive usage and damage. Another way to keep your bed in pristine condition for a longer time and prevent 

  • Stains, 
  • Spills, and 
  • Dust mites. 

Then you use a mattress cover.

Reason 3: Insufficient Support

Even while memory foam mattresses are great at conforming to the unique contours of the sleeper’s body, they still need firm support to keep from smoothing out over time. The mattress may sag if it isn’t supported, such as when you use an old box spring or an inappropriate base.

Check the stability of your box spring or foundation as a possible solution. Wear and tear or show it may need to be replaced. Your memory foam mattress’s durability and form maintenance may be improved by choosing a foundation. As it is both robust and supportive.

Reason 4: Temperature and Humidity

Changes in temperature and humidity may alter memory foam’s functionality and composition. The foam may change its form and stiffness due to extreme heat or cold exposure. The firm’s resilience might be dampened by excessive dampness. It leads to a deflated look.

Keeping the bedroom at a reasonable temperature and humidity level. It is crucial for a good night’s rest. Keep your bedroom well-ventilated and dry with a dehumidifier. Then, shield it from direct sunlight and temperature changes to extend the life of your memory foam mattress.

Reason 5: Weight

Memory foam mattresses are great because they contour to your shape. Yet, more enormous individuals might cause them to droop over time. Your mattress may sink sooner than it would for someone of a healthy weight if you are overweight or obese.

Reason 6: Age

Although you are not very heavy, memory foam mattresses will droop over time. This is because the foam degrades and becomes less elastic with time. The average lifetime of a memory foam mattress is 8-10 years. But this may vary based on the durability of the foam and how well the bed’s surface is taken care of.

Reason 7: Foundation

The only suitable base for a memory foam mattress is a solid one. Your bed will sink faster if it is not on a sturdy base. Memory foam mattresses are best supported by –

  • Platform beds, 
  • Slatted frames, or 
  • Box springs.

Reason 8: Poor care

A sagging memory foam mattress may be prevented by rotating and flipping the mattress. The foam will wear down, and your bed will droop if you don’t convert and turn it.

Reason 9: Subpar Mattress Quality

Last but not least, a memory foam mattress’s longevity and shape retention might vary. As it depends on the quality of the mattress. If your mattress or foam is of lower quality or density, it may lose its form more. Investing in an excellent product from a reliable manufacturer is essential when shopping for a memory foam mattress. 

Try to choose mattresses that have been certified as meeting the CertiPUR-US® requirements for 

  • Composition, 
  • Performance, and 
  • Longevity.

Restoring Your Memory Foam Mattress(4 Things)

Restoring Your Memory Foam Mattress(4 Things)

Since that we know what causes a memory foam mattress to lose its shape, we can talk about how to fix the problem and get your sleep back on track:

Rotate and Flip

To minimize uneven wear and tear on your mattress, it is recommended that you rotate and flip it. Every three to six months is a good target for rotating your mattress.

Invest in a Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is an excellent way to restore warmth. As well as help, a memory foam mattress has seen better days. Find a memory foam topper with the same density as your mattress and size as your bed.

Utilize Pillows

Points of pressure may be relieved, and positioned cushions may provide extra support. Consider using a body cushion to balance your body and a cervical pillow to support your neck. It also reduces the stress on your spine.

Consider a Mattress Refurbishing Service

Memory foam mattresses may sometimes lose their form and durability. It needs to be refurbished. Find a reliable company in your region that renovates memory foam mattresses.

5 Preventions Sagging In Your Memory Foam Mattress

5 Preventions Sagging In Your Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses may sometimes lose their form and durability. Find a reliable company in your region that refurbishes memory foam mattresses.

Here are some tips for preventing sagging in your memory foam mattress:

Choose a mattress that is the right size for you

The lack of help from a too-small mattress is matched by the increased sagging from a too-large one.

Choose a mattress with high-quality foam

High-density memory foam mattresses are less prone to sag than lower-density ones.

Rotate and flip your mattress regularly

Keep your mattress from sinking by flipping and transforming it each six months.

Use a mattress topper

The extra support and ease of use provided by a mattress topper help keep your mattress from collapsing.

Take care of your mattress

Don’t let anything but water gets on your mattress, and never use toxic substances.

This section will address frequently asked questions such as “Why is my memory foam mattress so flat?”

FAQs on: “Why is my memory foam mattress so flat”

The following are some FAQs on the query “Why is my memory foam mattress so flat?”

Why is my memory foam mattress losing its shape?

Memory foam beds can lose their shape over time because of things like 

  • Natural Settling, 
  • Heavy Use And Wear,
  • Lack Of Support, 
  • Changes In Temperature Humidity, and
  • Cheap Mattresses.

The mattress and its foam cells may flatten out due to these circumstances.

Can natural settling cause a memory foam mattress to become flat?

The natural settlement of a memory foam mattress is a typical cause of its losing its initial form. The mattress’s height and firmness decrease with usage because the foam cells compress. It also conforms to one’s weight and heat.

How can I prevent my memory foam mattress from becoming flat?

If you want to keep your memory foam mattress from flattening out, it’s a good idea to rotate it regularly. A sturdy box spring or base underneath the bed might also aid in its form retention.

Is it normal for a memory foam mattress to flatten over time?

While it’s reasonable to expect some loss of form with continued usage, very rapid flattening might point to concerns like these;

  • Wear, 
  • Poor Quality, Or 
  • Inadequate Support. 

If you want your mattress to last and function well, you must take care of these issues.

Can temperature and humidity affect the shape of a memory foam mattress?

Yes, memory foam can do the following things, depending on how hot and wet its surroundings are;

  • Grow, 
  • Shrink, or 
  • Lose its ability to bounce back. 

Keep your mattress from being too hot or too cold by keeping it. As they are too hot or cold, make sure it lasts long and is comfortable.

Can using a mattress topper help restore the shape of a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses lose their form and softness with time. But, Sometimes, a mattress topper is built from higher-density memory foam. It may give a layer of padding and stability.

When should I consider professional refurbishing for my memory foam mattress?

Even with regular maintenance, if your memory foam mattress has sagged or lost support. It may be worth it to have it fixed by a pro.

These expert treatments may revive the mattress’s original form and lengthen its useful life.

Remember that you can start answering the most common questions about a flat memory foam mattress. Please feel free to look over the following FAQs. 

I will now talk about the ending of Last Saying.

Final Say

Maintaining your memory foam mattress may help it keep its form and comfortable for years. Remember the importance of routine mattress rotation and purchasing a high-quality product. It offers enough support and maintains a comfortable sleeping environment.

Here at, we want you to experience comfort and support. The lifespan of your mattress may be increased. Then guarantee a good night’s sleep for years by following this advice.

Feel free to contact our staff of sleep specialists for any further help or questions you may have. You are making the most of your time in bed by consulting with us anytime!

Remember, due to heaviness memory foam mattresses may last for many years while offering superior support. It is comforting by learning what causes a bed to sag and taking the necessary steps to fix it. You can get the most out of your memory foam mattress and feel revitalized every morning. Get some rest!

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