How Do You Reshape A Memory Foam Mattress – Easy Tips 2023

A sagging memory foam mattress is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be detrimental to your sleep quality. During this time, we usually purchase a new mattress or reshape a memory foam mattress, Right?

Do you know that it is easy to reform the mattress? It’s a wise decision to reshape your mattress rather than purchase a new one. Purchasing a new one is a kind of a waste of money. So, how do you reshape a memory foam mattress?

To do this, you don’t have to spend too much money. Moreover, you don’t need vast experience. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can do this alone.

So, without further discussion, let’s get started. Should we? 

Is it better to purchase a new mattress or reshape the old one?

Logically, “reshape” is a better option. But, it depends on the conditions of the current mattress. How?

Imagine if you have an old mattress that isn’t too worn out. Moreover, it is still in good condition. If this is the case, reshaping your mattress may be beneficial. In this situation, purchasing a new one is a waste of money. Make sense? 

On the other hand, reshaping can be a waste of Money. Confused? Let’s clear it out. 

To reshape our mattress, sometimes we need to change the inner foam. Moreover, we have to buy professional tools. Thus, it helps to bring the mattress back in shape. Ultimately, this will cost you more than buying a new one.

Lastly, if your mattress is seriously worn out then purchase a new one. If you are one of them, then you can skip this content.

Why do Foam Mattresses Sag Over Time?

Sagging experience in foam mattresses is safe for baby. It is usually caused by the breakdown of the materials. Some people think that “Being overweight is the reason to sag a mattress”. But, it is NOT 100% TRUE. 

So, what’s the reason? In this section, I’m trying to reveal the real truth that causes this problem. 

1. Poor Quality Materials

Generally, poor materials are the first reason. Due to cheap costs and poor quality, many manufacturers include low-quality foam. As a result, it starts to sink after a few months of use. So, sometimes the word, “Budget friendly” goes wrong. 

Now, you can ask me, “How can I figure out the low-quality material?” Normally, it’s quite difficult. Nobody checks the materials after purchasing a new one. But few materials are too poor for a mattress. Such as a few low-quality latexes. They look similar to foam. 

2. Moisture Retention

Moisture retention is the second reason. It causes sagging in foam mattresses. It means, when moisture comes into contact with the foam, it breaks down the material. Because of the sinking of foam and ultimately sagging. 

So, all the places are not perfect to keep a mattress. You should consider the place after purchasing. Otherwise, it can be a Nightmare for you. 

So, these two are the main causes. In addition, there are several causes:

(i) Too much weight a person on the mattress.

(ii) Lack of proper support below the mattress.

(iii) Improper maintenance or not flipping the mattress frequently.

(iv) Lower-density foam on the mattress.

(v) Low-gauge coils in the mattress.

These are the usual causes. Now, let’s see how you can reshape a mattress. 

How do you reshape a memory foam mattress?

You already know the reason, Right? You are reading this section because you have finally decided to reshape your mattress. Cool! So, before knowing the procedure, let’s see which instruments you should collect. 

Method 01: The Rolling Method

The Rolling Method is quite popular. Usually, it is also called the primary method. It can be done with minimal tools. Here is the list of things you need. 

You will require-

  • 2 to 3 people 
  • One sheet 
  • A large flat surface like the floor or table 

Once you have collected all these things, let’s start the process

Step 01: Place a sheet on the flat surface

First, you have to place a sheet on a flat surface. It is important that you pick a wide and long surface. So, the mattress can stretch easily. 

Step 02: Place the memory foam on it 

Now, place your mattress on top of the sheet. Make sure that it is perfectly placed on the sheet and not hanging off any side. 

Step 03: Start rolling in one direction.

Roll the mattress in one direction. You can take help from two of your friends. Make sure that all of you roll it from the same end until the mattress has formed a cylinder shape

Step 04: Remove the sheet and position it 

Once you have rolled up the mattress, carefully remove the sheet from below. Now, place the mattress in its desired shape and position. Do not move it too quickly. 

This is how you can easily reshape your memory foam mattress. If you find this process uncomfortable, then you can try the zip tie method or vacuum storage method.

Method 02: Zip tie Method

It is an alternative to the vacuum storage method. You almost know the rolling method, right? If you think the rolling method is not suitable for you then try this method. 

Here are several things that you need to collect. Let’s have a look:

(i) Zip ties.

(ii) Scissors.

(iii) A bed sheet.

(iv) All the necessary tools to remove the existing zip ties. 

Now it’s time to start reshaping the mattress:

Step 01: Place the mattress on a flat surface

The first task is to place the mattress on a flat surface. You should make sure that the bed sheet is wide enough. Thus, you can easily reshape it.

Step 02: Start inserting the zip ties

After placing the mattress on the flat surface, you should start inserting the zip ties. You can insert them in the corners of the mattress. Now, you have to pull them tight and cut off any additional length.

Step 03: Lift and move the mattress

Once you have inserted the zip ties and pulled them tight, it’s time to lift and move the mattress. You can easily lift it from the corners and move it to a different location.

Step 04: Remove the existing zip ties

Now, it’s time to remove the pre-existing zip ties. You can use the necessary tools to do this. After removing all the zip ties, you should fold the mattress and store it in a safe place.

So, that’s it. By following these two methods you can easily reshape the memory foam mattress density.

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)

Can you turn a memory foam mattress around?

Actually, it’s not a wise decision. Sometimes, we need to do this. Unfortunately, memory foam mattresses are not designed to be turned around. The foam layers may become uneven if you turn them over. It could cause the mattress to wear out faster.

Does memory foam ever lose shape?

Definitely. With time, memory foam mattresses can start to sag. Moreover, it becomes softer and less supportive. Much of this can be prevented by using the right mattress protector. Also, rotating the mattress every few months.

Can memory foam be shaped?

Some people think that foam can’t be shaped. Actually, it does. It is a process called “reshaping.” Rolling method and zip tie methods are ideal to do it. You can use a combination of these methods. You can also try a single method as well. 

A final word about reshaping a memory foam

Reshape is a better option than purchasing a new one. Throughout this process, you could learn new things. You can use any of the methods. Make sure, you have followed the step-by-step. 

Lastly, I want to say that, you need to make sure that your mattress is in great condition. During the reshaping process, inspect it for any signs of punctures. If the conditions are not too good, then never spend a single dollar.

So, readers, if you have more questions, don’t miss to leave a comment. You can also email us. Thank You.

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